About Uleman

slide-2Uleman Enterprises was founded in 1981 as a full service irrigation contractor serving Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

We have installed many high profile irrigation projects and worked with many residential and commercial clients like, Rosenblatt Stadium, TD Ameritrade Stadium, Midtown Crossing, and The Nebraska Cornhusker’s Memorial Stadium. At the request of our customers we were pleased to introduce the hardscape division of Uleman Enterprises, and we continue to impress.


Q: What happens if I change my mind about the materials or colors I choose for my quote?

A: We have a small window before we order your materials. A color change is usually simpler, and does not affect the cost. A material change is subject to both cost and timeline adjustments.

Q: Do I have to hire any other contractors such as plumbers, electricians, etc?

A: We contract out any services needed to accomplish your project and that cost is built in to your quote. We work with the best contractors in the business who hold the same values as we do when it comes to quality.

Q: Can I bring in my own contractors for pieces of the project?

A: We would prefer to manage the entire project, but we are willing to discuss the possibility. The integrity of our work is important to us, and we typically prefer to manage the full job.

Q: Can I find the material myself and let you do the installation?

A: Typically the materials needed is not something you would know ahead of time, and we order based on project scope. We use the top materials in the industry based off our experience which a lot of options.

Q: What if I have an existing patio or hardscape materials that need to be removed?

A: We handle all demolition and removal of old patios or hardscaping materials and will dispose of them.

Q: How will you handle working around my existing sprinkler system?

A: We have been in the irrigation business since 1981 and take great care to work with your existing system and maximize its effectiveness and incorporate it into your new hardscapees project.

Q: Can you help me choose the plants and/or trees?

A: We work with several trusted partners who we would recommend and incorporate into projects.

Q: Will your equipment ruin the part of my yard you’re not working on?

A: Sometimes there is heavy machinery involved in completing your project, in that case, we take great care to return your yard to its original condition when our project is finished. We won’t leave you with dead or trampled grass.